The Big Kaiju Raids Again! Interview with Shoko Nakajima

The following interview with Shoko Nakajima originally ran in Japanese in Weekly Pro Wrestling issue 2009.

Shoko Nakajima, the “1.47-Meter Big Kaiju” of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestler, has kept a comfortable distance from TJPW’s title scene recently. But that all changed at Shinkiba First Ring on April 13, when she issued a heartfelt challenge to Miyu Yamashita, the current Tokyo Princess of Princess champion. As her May 3 title match with Yamashita approaches, Nakajima bares her feelings towards her fellow wrestlers, as well as towards the belt that she’s yet to claim for her own.

Interview by Yuuki Ishii.

“Yamashita = Champion” — A hard truth to swallow, but the truth

What’s your impression of Miyu Yamashita right now, as you prepare to face her at Korakuen Hall?

Yamashita’s been the ace of TJPW since the moment it was founded, right? She’s carrying the whole promotion, right? I don’t think she was even aware of her position at first. But once she got the belt, I think the idea started to sprout in her head, like, “Okay, I’m the one who’s gonna lead this promotion.”

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