Sanshiro Takagi pays out of pocket for the wild genius of Gake no Fuchi Pro

(This article, written by Norihiro Hashimoto, originally appeared in Japanese on Abema Fight Times.)

Sanshiro Takagi, president and “big boss” of Dramatic Dream Team (DDT), has taken up a new business venture with an unexpected wrestling promotion.

On November 11, Takagi held an event to commemorate the recent publication of his book, Growing a Small-Fry Five-Million-Yen-a-Year Wrestling Promotion into a Subsidiary of a Major Publicly-Listed Company. Part of the festivities included a press conference with a surprise announcement.

Attendees were told beforehand that the announcement “might shake the pro-wrestling world to the core” – and nothing else. Amid the ensuing atmosphere of intrigue, Takagi called on freelance wrestler Miyako Matsumoto to join him.

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MAO: When to Hit Your Boss with a Van

(This interview originally appeared in Japanese in Rolling Stone Japan under the headline “Why did pro wrestler MAO hit Sanshiro Takagi with a car?”)

Employing several dozen wrestlers across multiple sub-brands, Dramatic Dream Team has reached the point where it’s hard to call it an indie promotion. One wrestler who stands out among their roster is 22-year-old wunderkind MAO. One half of the graceful, acrobatic tag team Moonlight Express (along with Mike Bailey), MAO carved out his place in professional wrestling in DDT’s infamous Street Wrestling events – an off-the-wall format that fits him to a T.

Some fans call MAO “the second coming of Kota Ibushi” for his physical prowessand also his affinity for nonsense. Why is it that he prefers such a bizarre style? We caught up with MAO as he prepares for DDT’s Wrestle Peter Pan 2019 event, coming soon to Tokyo’s Ota City Central Gymnasium.

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Gon the Fox and the Tower of Terror

(Antonio Honda told this Gon the Fox story at DDT Live Maji Manji 6, on May 29, 2018.)

Wait, wait, wait! Before I give up, everyone, please… I wrote a new story for you all. I stayed up all night last night writing it! Please, just listen to my story, and as soon as it’s over, I’ll go over the top rope myself. I promise.

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