Yuki Aino — “Burnin'”

“Burnin'” is Yuki Aino’s entrance theme. Available on TJPW Saikou Music vol. 1.
Vocals: Yuki Aino (featuring Nodoka Tenma)
Lyrics: Nodoka Tenma
Music: typhonKAZ

If you stop moving, you’ll be left behind
The city itself feels like it might take off running
I stretch and fake a smile
A truly foolish girl that can’t be tossed away

I locked away my deepest heart
To keep it safe from harm, but
I nearly forgot what it is that I cherish,
What it is that I enjoy

It’s so easy to convince yourself
That nobody expects much of anything from you
We’re watching the same sunrise, and I’ll change it for you
This is your story, so stand proud

Burning Heart, swear now to the destination of love
That you’ll live a strong life—put it to words
Burning Love, chin up, you’re not alone!
Don’t be afraid, I’m right here with you
Burning Up, show me a miracle of love
I won’t let you choose a pointless path
Hey, stretch out your arms farther and farther
The dream’s taken shape and I want to seize it now

A rain of petals flutters to the ground
Midsummer nights are much too noisy
Autumn is short and monochromatic
Spilled tears are the wounds of winter

Clumsy and spoiled,
Unconfident and cowardly
Always making a mess of things
But you can choose your tomorrow

They say snow melts and leaves spring behind
It’s happened so many times already
Let’s join fingers and promise to keep pushing ourselves
Smile and raise your fist to your story

Nobody can stop your Burning Heart
I know that feeling will come through
Burning Love, let bloom the stars of love
You can shine if you’re bold enough to do it
Burning Up, get fired up! Burn bright and red
And know you’ll never burn out to ash
Hey, stretch out your arms farther and farther
Look beyond the dream and run straight through it