666’s Ram has “no intention of playing along” with joshi wrestling

(This article originally appeared in Japanese on Battle News under the headline “A singles match between Ram Kaicho, former elementary school heel, and ‘underclassman’ Tsukasa Fujimoto!”)

The Japanese indie promotion Pro-Wrestling Of Darkness 666 held their 90th event on June 6 at Shinkiba 1st Ring. This event, which celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of wrestler Shinobu’s debut, also featured wrestlers from 666’s Shinjuku Nichome Pro Wrestling sub-brand. The event came with a surprising announcement: 666 wrestler Ram Kaicho (“Chairperson Ram”) will soon have a singles match with Ice Ribbon‘s Tsukasa Fujimoto.

Ram made her wrestling debut in 2005 and, being in elementary school at the time, immediately captured media attention as the youngest wrestler in Japan. She’s been called “the O.G. child wrestler.” Despite her young age, Ram retired in 2009but not before facing Riho, who made her own debut as an elementary schooler in 2006, in a famous match in Ice Ribbon.

After her retirement, Ram kept her distance from professional wrestling. That is, until 666 founder The Crazy SKB fell ill, and then-president Kana left the promotion to join WWE (where she now wrestles under the name Asuka). Seeing her home promotion in a pinch and hoping to help out, Ram returned to the ring in 2016.

Since rekindling her career, Ram has primarily wrestled in 666’s infamous multi-person tag main events. There, she heads up the 666 Army, an collection of some of the stranger characters the promotion has to offer. They’re bizarre matches, against an equally bizarre enemy: Naoshi Sano and his own eclectic and ever-changing factions.  Photography and video are prohibited during these matches, and posting about them on social media is similarly forbidden.

As a result, any information about what exactly goes on in Ram’s matches solely spreads through word of mouth. Ram herself has become a cult figure in pro wrestling. 666’s events at Shinkiba 1st Ring, which run about once a month, are typically oversold.

After her match on June 6, the triumphant Ram was interrupted on her way out of the ring by Ice Ribbon mainstays Hamuko Hoshi and Mochi Miyagi. They insisted that, as a woman, Ram should give joshi wrestling another try and offered her a chance to return to Ice Ribbon for the first time in a decade. [Ram is the only woman on the 666 roster.]

Hearing this, Ram replied, “Joshi wrestling, huh? Feels a little late for it now, but… If I can fight Tsukasa Fujimoto, you got it.” Fujimoto, one of Ice Ribbon’s top stars, debuted in 2008—three years after Ram’s original debut.

Ram’s bold suggestion left Hoshi nonplussed, but Ice Ribbon president Hajime Sato immediately approved the match. Ram will face Fujimoto in a singles match at Ice Ribbon’s show at Kawaguchi SKIP City on June 30.

Backstage, Ram Kaicho deadpanned, “This’ll be my first match with another promotion in a while. I may have had a gap in my career, but who cares? It’s like riding a bike. I’ll fight Tsukasa Fujimoto on my own terms and show her what 666 is made of.”

“Either way, I’ve been at this this longer than she has,” Ram laughs. “666 isn’t exactly normal, and showing off that strangeness can only make wrestling itself more and more interesting. I have no intention of playing along with the joshi wrestling style.”