Kagetsu: Hey, Tam Nakano…

Tam Nakano vs. Kagetsu

(The following blog post originally appeared in Japanese on Kagetsu’s blog.)

Hey, all you out there reading my blog today! How the hell are ya?! I’ve got another real good blog post for all of you.

Okay, so, Stardom’s next Korakuen Hall show is almost here!
That means the final round of the 5☆STAR Grand Prix is coming up, too. And look who I’ve got for my last 5☆STAR match. Tam Nakano.

It’s still a few days away, but I’m gonna go ahead and get this out there.

I’ve said it a thousand times already, but there’s nothing I regret more than Tam leaving Oedo Tai.
I won’t get into the whole thing, but you know what I’m talking about – This past January, at Korakuen.

Nobody was happier than me to see Tam back in the ring.
I really thought she’d stay with us forever. I thought she’d get to learn from the best.

But it didn’t turn out that way.
Thanks to the elimination rule I suggested… and couldn’t manage to get turned around.

When Tam was finally eliminated and forced to leave Oedo Tai, I told her, “where you go from here is up to you.”

And deep down inside, I held out a little hope that she’d make the right call. But she didn’t.

What, you think she chose the right path?

No, I didn’t pick her in the faction draft in April.
Because if she’d just made the right decisions, I wouldn’t have had to.

Come on, you’ve gotta get it by now, right?
Tam messed up. She’s headed the wrong way. That’s plain enough from the fact that she hasn’t put up any results.


You know what, Tam? You really think you’re on the right course? Well, now you’ve got your chance to show me.

Just know that I’m coming at you with everything I’ve got. All the crap I’ve taken from you. All the hope I had for you. Not to mention all this raw power.

This isn’t gonna be like all the rinky-dink matches you’ve had so far. You better bring your A game.


And hey, all you out there reading this – you’re gonna want to see this one!

That’s all!