Gon the Fox and the Tower of Terror

(Antonio Honda told this Gon the Fox story at DDT Live Maji Manji 6, on May 29, 2018.)

Wait, wait, wait! Before I give up, everyone, please… I wrote a new story for you all. I stayed up all night last night writing it! Please, just listen to my story, and as soon as it’s over, I’ll go over the top rope myself. I promise.

Okay, here he is – Gon the Fox!

Well, today, we’ve come all the way to Shin-Kiba. We don’t make it out to Shin-Kiba that often. While we’re in the area, we should go to Disneyland, right? Nah, today, we’ll do something different. We’ll go to DisneySea!1


And what’s the most famous attraction at DisneySea? The Tower of Terror! Gon the Fox really wants to ride the Tower of Terror. He walks up to the building and knocks on the door, gon-gon-gon! Gon-gon-gon!

“Hello? Excuse me! Is this the Tower of Terror?”

Garagaragaragara! The door slides open and an old man walks out. “Welcome! I’m Terada, the manager. Before you get on, let me get up there and show you how to ride it properly.”

“First, climb up in the seat like so.” Ga-chang, the safety harness comes down around the old man’s shoulders. “And off we go!” The ride hums to life.

The seat starts to shake and rise up. Suddenly, Mr. Terada’s dong flops right out of his pants with a boi-oi-oi-oi-oinnng! It swings left and right, all over the place! Boi-oi-oi-oi-oinnnnnnng!

“Waaaugh!” Gon the Fox cries out. “This isn’t the Tower of Terror at all!”

“It’s the Todger of Terada!2

1. Tokyo DisneySea is a part of Tokyo Disney Resort, separate from Tokyo Disneyland proper and primarily aimed at older children and adults.

2. In the original Japanese, the pun is “tama of Terada” – tama meaning “balls.”)